A new age of travel

The important role of a professional Travel Advisor

and the benefits of working with one


A professional Travel Advisor who offers their clients truly personalised care and service is an invaluable resource when it comes to not only planning your travel, but also holding your hand throughout the journey, and being your best advocate if things don’t go to plan.

Our Jigsaw Travel team of expert Travel Advisors are incredibly passionate travellers, who have made this their life’s work. We feel a real sense of joy from discovering new and exciting destinations, or being the first to know about amazing new hotels and experiences that we can share with others. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand our clients, figuring out what personally drives you to travel, and planning bespoke itineraries that deliver wonderful experiences and long-lasting memories.

Throughout the pandemic, and when border restrictions finally began to ease, Travel Advisors were depended upon for our up-to-date knowledge of changing travel regulations, our expertise, industry relationships and our agility to quickly alter, rebook, or cancel plans as situations changed.

Now, as we exist in this exciting new age of travel, the value of working with a professional advisor remains. We can be depended upon to save time, add value, impart first-hand destination knowledge and industry insights, tailor travel experiences and most importantly, be there for our clients with personalised service through every step of your journey and in the case of unforeseen emergencies.

We design and manage tailor-made holidays, not the ‘fast food’ travel packages that are bookable through third party, online  platforms like Booking.com. Our team is a passionate group of trained destination and product experts, who know how to sort through the myriad of information available to deliver the best advice and recommendations, before pulling everything together into a detailed and comprehensive itinerary. We manage ALL bookings and confirmations, assist with Visa requirements, as well as providing ongoing customer service and communications with hotels and travel suppliers. This is just something that cannot be offered via online booking platforms who take your booking with little to no ongoing customer service or flexibility should changes arise.

Just as important as our client relationships are the global professional networks and strong relationships we hold with our travel industry partners. Our relationships and memberships with numerous invitation-only travel industry groups and global luxury hotel groups entitle us to offer our clients a VIP travel experience all over the world. Exclusive access and amenities including room upgrades, spa and dining credits, rare experiences, VIP surprises and early check in / late check outs are just some of the added benefits our relationships can unlock for our clients.

Just like any true and qualified professional, our services do attract a fee. But through our connections and relationships, we are able to save our clients money (as well as valuable time), securing savings and VIP experiences that would not be attainable via booking direct or with an online booking platform.

Our knowledge, experience and connections also mean we are well equipped to work swiftly through any unforeseen challenges or problems, acting as our clients’ personal travel advocate.  If a flight is delayed or cancelled, if something needs to be rescheduled, if a supplier ceases to trade, or a natural disaster or personal accident occurs, we can work through the problem in a timely manner, removing the challenge and stress from you.

If you have ever …

  • called an airline to ask a quick question, and heard, “We are experiencing longer than usual wait times due to a high demand in calls?”
  • arrived at a hotel, and your room looks NOTHING like the photos?
  • received a text that your flight has changed, but when you click on the link to view the update, are prompted to call the airline that makes you wait two hours on hold just to speak to an operator?
  • checked in and patiently waited for the boarding call only to hear an announcement that your flight has been cancelled or delayed and you’re going to miss your connection?

… then you will understand the value of working with a dedicated, professional travel advisor who genuinely cares about you, your family and the travel experiences they create.

If we have not had the pleasure of working with you yet, we hope to soon. Please reach out on enquires@jigsawtravel.com.au to explore the joy of a new adventure with a personal consultation with one of our friendly advisors.

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