Our mission is to curate and execute the best customised travel experiences throughout the world for our clients. We understand that travel is a big decision and that you work hard to earn your leisure time and the freedom to explore the world.

We feel honoured to be chosen to manage your precious time, the ‘life’ that balances out the ‘work’, and don’t take the responsibility lightly. Our team of highly skilled and well-travelled advisors have unparalleled experience and knowledge in the art of travel and will work with you to create a truly enjoyable and hassle-free journey – from beginning to end.

Exclusive accreditations and travel partnerships

We are ATAS accredited – Travel agencies that bear the ATAS symbol have met strict criteria in order to become nationally accredited. Our accreditation means we are among the best in the industry; credible, well trained and professional. ATAS accredited travel advisors are required to conduct business in compliance with Australian Consumer Law and in accordance with ATAS Charter and Code of Conduct

In addition to being ATAS accredited, we are proud members of a number of invitation-only travel groups and networks. These memberships entitle us to offer our clients exclusive access, amenities and experiences, value-added benefits and VIP treatment around the world. Our advisors leverage these industry connections and extensive knowledge on behalf of our clients to deliver exceptional value and customised service.

A full list of our exclusive memberships and affiliations can be found HERE.

Bookings and payment

In order to piece together and deliver your travel dreams, our advisors often need to work through multiple layers of travel industry suppliers to secure advance bookings. This can include airlines and transport, accommodation partners and tour operators.

Many components are pre-paid and while we manage bookings and advance payments to suppliers on behalf of our clients, we do not hold your funds on file in our business.

To provide an overview of our bookings and payment system:

  • Payments made into our business bank account go into a trust account.
  • When we take money via credit card or bank deposit into our trust account, we then disperse this to our suppliers as advance payments to secure bookings. We either forward funds via bank transfer or telegraphic transfer when the supplier is overseas.
  • In the case of airfares paid via clients’ credit card, this is paid directly to the airline to secure the bookings. We do not take a commission.
  • When we book hotels and accommodation, we will provide the clients’ credit card as booking guarantee. If the hotel has a non-refundable clause, the clients’ credit card is provided. We do not hold or retain this money in the case of cancellation.
  • We have longstanding relationships with our partners and suppliers and can guarantee that they are trustworthy businesses operating ethically and professionally.
  • We are always completely transparent with any required booking charges, non-refundable deposits or cancellation fees, so please don’t hesitate to raise any questions or concerns with our advisors throughout the planning and booking process.


Responsible travel

We are conscious of the way that travel and tourism can impact local communities, cultures, economies, native wildlife and the environment.

Responsible travel is becoming more and more important to travellers and the industry as a whole. We are committed to working with partners and suppliers that are making a difference in their local regions – through initiatives such as supporting local communities and cultures, and leading wildlife and environmental conservation projects.

As advisors of travel, we consider it our responsibility to remain actively aware in this space, so we can know the experiences and operators around the world that operate ethically, and impart this knowledge to our clients, enabling you to make informed decisions.

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