Leisure Travel

To Travel is to Live.

Whether it’s a fun-filled family adventure; a romantic escape to an island paradise; a short break to recharge the batteries; cruising the Mediterranean or rivers of Europe; a life changing spiritual journey through India; or just hanging with the Big 5 in Africa, we can bring your travel dreams to life.


Family holidays are a precious opportunity to spend quality time with the ones you love and creating special, lifelong memories. Our advisors believe in the importance of family time and also know all too well that when it comes to family holidays it’s important to find a destination that has something for everyone. From the family beach favourites of Queensland, Fiji and Hawaii to experiencing the cultures of Europe or even an African family safari, our advisors will work with your family to plan an adventure that the kids will enjoy as much as the adults.

Romantic Getaways

Shared moments of discovery and wonder, relaxing together without the demands of everyday life and waking to the peaceful sounds of the ocean is the perfect way to connect with the one you love. Our travel specialists can plan a truly special romantic escape to celebrate that special occasion, anniversary or honeymoon

Australian Escapes

Expansive beaches, ancient rainforests, coastal hikes, Top End safaris, experiential wildlife encounters, luxury regional retreats and world-class food & wine experiences – there is truly no end to the unforgettable experiences we have here in Australia. With tailored itineraries, guided tours, wellness retreats or all-inclusive indulgence, let us open your eyes to the wonders of Australia.

Short Breaks

Batteries need recharging but feel like you can’t get away? A short break can do wonders! Whether it’s a quick trip to the Whitsundays to swim in the ocean, a few nights in the Hunter Valley to unwind, a brief reprieve at a Thai health retreat, or even a voyage over the Strait to Tasmania to catch your breath, it’s possible to capture that holiday feeling we all love in as little as just a few days.


Our travel advisors all agree – a safari is one of the most incredible and memorable travel experiences you will ever encounter. To come up close and personal with some of the most beautiful animals in their natural habitat is truly breathtaking. With our worldwide affiliates, we can create your ideal safari itinerary complete with luxury wilderness accommodation and guided tours.

Ocean Cruising

A magical and seamless way to explore the world, ocean cruising provides hassle free access to multiple countries on the one itinerary. Witness some of the most amazing destinations such as Antarctica, the Arctic and Mediterranean coast, to name a few. Our affiliations with cruise lines and expert insights will ensure we help you choose the best cruise for your individual desires.

River Cruising

There is no better way to explore some of the most charming villages than with a River Cruise. Whether you decide to cruise the Danube, Rhone, Rhine, Douro or through Bordeaux, our advisors have access to the best itineraries on the best cruise lines.

Expedition Journeys

Our expedition journeys offer rare access to some of the world’s most amazing sights and up-close interaction with nature. Whether it is cruising the Antarctic and frolicking with the penguins or sailing through some of the most spectacular fjords and glaciers in the Arctic, our advisors are on hand to plan your trip of a lifetime.

Tailored Journeys

With travel, we are often seeking an experience that is out of the ordinary. Something truly unique, rare, spectacular and personalised just for us. Allow us to help plan your ideal tailored journey, wherever your next travel destination may be.

Small Groups & Tours

Prefer the ease of an organised tour, or travelling alone and would like some company? Small groups and tours are a great way to see the world. Over the years Jigsaw Travel has established wonderful relationships with many renowned and diverse tour partners. Let our years of knowledge and experience guide you to your perfect travel match.

Island Getaways

Need peace and quiet from everyday life? An Island Escape is the perfect way to relax and enjoy time with your partner, friends or family.

If you have any questions regarding our services or would like more information about how Jigsaw Travel may assist you with your travel arrangements, please contact us.

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