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10 Amazing hotels around the world to switch off and find a complete escape


No matter what you do or where you go, one of the most all-encompassing and everlasting appeals of travel is that it provides an escape to normal life, a brief interlude and refuge from the chaos for a little while. As our lives become increasingly overstimulated, opportunities to disconnect are rare, so remote locations, quiet moments in nature, and slow tranquil days are becoming some of the most desirable aspects of travel; something luxury hotels and lodges around the world are emphasising. 

Encompassing everything from tented jungle villas, to cliffside capsules, a remote wilderness lodge, and even an ultra luxurious eco-camp, our expert advisors have compiled their Top 10 list of amazing hotels, where remote landscapes and exclusive accommodations offer an unparalleled escape from the ordinary. Places where they have felt a true sense of awe and found the ability to reconnect – to nature, to their true priorities and to themselves. With unique designs set against some of the world’s most stunning backdrops, the accommodations on our list embody the very best of their locations, cultures and histories, delivering truly one of a kind experiences.

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Three Camel Lodge, Mongolia: Nomadic Elegance

In the vast expanse of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, Three Camel Lodge stands as an oasis of comfort amidst the rugged beauty of the wilderness. Accessible only by camel caravan or private transfer, this eco-luxury retreat offers guests a glimpse into the nomadic way of life while providing all the comforts of a five-star resort. Surrounded by towering sand dunes, rolling steppe, and the timeless silence of the desert, Three Camel Lodge invites guests to reconnect with nature and savour the simple pleasures of life under the vast Mongolian sky.

Copyright – Three Camel Lodge

Four Seasons Naviva, Mexico: Jungle Retreat

Deep within the lush rainforests of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, the new luxury tents at Four Seasons Naviva offer an indulgent escape from the hustle of modern life. Accessible only by boat or helicopter, these secluded tented villas immerse guests in the sights and sounds of the jungle, where the symphony of tropical birdsong and the rustle of the canopy leaves provide the soundtrack to a truly immersive nature experience. The all-inclusive retreat offers a range of Signature Naviva experiences and Four Seasons’ impeccable guest service.

Hotel Forestis Dolomites: Alpine Splendour

Nestled high in the majestic Dolomite Mountains of Italy, Hotel Forestis is a sanctuary of alpine luxury and tranquility. Accessible only by winding mountain roads or private transfer, this exclusive retreat offers guests panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, pristine forests, and meandering valleys. With its elegant design, gourmet cuisine, and world-class spa facilities, Hotel Forestis provides the perfect setting for a digital detox amidst the splendor of the natural world.

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Sky Lodge Adventure Suites Peru: A Sanctuary in the Clouds

Perched atop the towering cliffs of Peru’s Sacred Valley, Sky Lodge is not just a hotel but a testament to ingenuity in design and respect for nature. Accessible only by a heart-pounding climb or via a daring zipline adventure, this transparent capsule hotel offers uninterrupted vistas of the Andean peaks. Here, guests are enveloped in the stillness of the high-altitude wilderness, a complete escape where the only interruption is the occasional call of an Andean condor.

Photo credit: Natura Vive

Cap Karoso: Cast Away in Paradise

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A sanctuary for the curious epicurean, Cap Karoso, Sumba is one of the newest additions to the Design Hotels collection. Sitting on the shores of a coral reef and surrounded by turquoise lagoons and traditional villages, the heart of Cap Karoso is its biological farm. Covering three hectares of rehabilitated land, the farm produces nearly all the fruits and vegetables used in their onsite restaurant and bar. The farm is also a hub for sharing methods of sustainable cultivation with local farmers welcomed to learn about biological farming and permaculture. Guests can take part too, with agricultural experiences around composting and natural fertilizer production. Soak in nature, culture and indulgent delights at Cap Karoso. 

Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge, Vancouver Island: Coastal Haven

Tucked away on the rugged shores of Vancouver Island, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge offers a luxurious retreat amidst the untamed beauty of Canada’s west coast. Accessible only by boat or seaplane, this exclusive wilderness resort blends rustic charm with five-star comfort, offering guests the chance to reconnect with nature in style. Surrounded by old-growth forest, pristine beaches, and the crystalline waters of the Pacific Ocean, Clayoquot Wilderness Lodge is a sanctuary for those seeking solace in the serenity of the wild.

Tree Hotel Sweden’s Mirror Cube: Arboreal Elegance

Hidden among the towering pines of Sweden’s boreal forest, the Mirror Cube at Tree Hotel is a masterpiece of design and ingenuity. Accessible only by suspension bridge, this avant-garde treehouse offers guests a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in nature while enjoying all the comforts of a luxury hotel. With its reflective exterior blending seamlessly into the surrounding forest canopy, the Mirror Cube provides a secluded retreat where guests can disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with the rhythms of nature.

Mashpi Lodge, Ecuador: Cloud Forest Retreat

Perched on the precipice of Ecuador’s biodiverse Chocó rainforest, Mashpi Lodge offers guests a luxurious retreat amidst the mist-shrouded canopy. Accessible only by private transfer or helicopter, this eco-luxury lodge is a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Surrounded by lush vegetation, cascading waterfalls, and an abundance of exotic wildlife, Mashpi Lodge provides an immersive nature experience that is as exhilarating as it is rejuvenating.

White Desert Antarctica: Frozen Majesty

Far beyond the reaches of civilization, amidst the icy expanse of Antarctica, lies White Desert, a luxury eco-camp like no other. Accessible only by private jet, this exclusive retreat offers guests the opportunity to experience the pristine beauty of the southernmost continent in unparalleled comfort. Surrounded by towering icebergs, vast glaciers, and colonies of curious penguins, White Desert is a haven for intrepid explorers seeking solace in the midst of nature’s frozen majesty.

The Lindis: Wilderness Immersion

A little closer to home, in the remote heartland of New Zealand’s South Island, The Lindis is ideal for travellers seeking solitude and adventure in equal measure. Accessible only by helicopter or 4WD vehicle, the luxury pods at The Lindis offer guests a secluded retreat amidst the untamed beauty of the Ahuriri Valley. Surrounded by vast tussock grasslands, towering mountains, and meandering rivers, these eco-friendly pods provide a unique opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and immerse oneself in the breathtaking landscapes of Aotearoa.

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