Why you need an expert travel advisor – now more than ever.

Once the world opens up again, travel is likely to be quite a different experience. As such,  the work an expert travel advisor offers in personally managing the planning and tailoring your bookings, along with navigating new requirements and processes is going to be more valuable than ever before.

An accredited travel agent can be trusted to save you time, add value, impart knowledge and industry insights, tailor your travel experiences and most importantly, be there for you with personalised service through every step of your journey.

Think of it like this – if you’re unwell, you see a Doctor to look after your health. Yes, typing your symptoms into Google is an option, but seeing an experienced and qualified professional is going to deliver a much better, more personalised and safer outcome.

Likewise, with planning your precious travel experiences – typing “Villa rentals Italy” into Google will deliver 22.5 million results, and “African Safari” over 100 million! Why would you want to spend your precious time wading through this information overload with no guarantees of whether the options presented are actually what they seem?

Still need convincing? Here is a more detailed breakdown of the benefits of working with a professional travel advisor …

Expertise and relationships – Travel advisors are trained destination and product experts and know how to sort through the myriad of travel information available. Our professional network also means we have access to exclusive deals, products and offers to ensure you get access to the best quality travel experiences. Having a top travel advisor will make you an instant VIP.

Save precious time – A professional advisor has a world of travel information at their fingertips, saving you countless hours of online searching and frustration. We take the overwhelming amount of information out there and distil it into the key information most suited to you.

Convenience – Travel advisors are a “one-stop shop.” We handle every aspect of your trip—from airline tickets, ground transfers, tours, activities, and so much more. From advice with visa application, assistance with travel documentation, valuable travel tips, we can store your preferences, passport numbers and frequent flyer numbers to save you retrieving them every time you travel.

Client advocacy in emergency – If you experience a problem while travelling, we will act on your behalf as your personal travel advocate. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, if you need to reschedule, if a supplier ceases to trade, or a natural disaster or personal accident occurs, we can work through the problem in a timely manner so you don’t have to deal with the hassles or unforeseen stress.

Flexibility and agility – Regardless of if an emergency has taken place, a travel advisor will manage any changes to your plans and update bookings on your behalf. If you manage your own bookings online with major airlines and third-party sites, it is often an incredibly difficult and lengthy process to make a change and connect with an actual human representative for support. If changes need to be made once your trip has commenced, this can often mean stressful hours of your holiday are wasted on hold trying to rearrange your itinerary.

Peace of mind – What everyone needs in their life is more time and less stress. Working with a reputable travel advisor, you can book your travel knowing you’re in the safe hands of an experienced professional.

Unbiased recommendations – Travel advisors work for their clients, not for a travel supplier and will do the work for you—we will filter your options and provide only the recommendations that make the most sense for you.

Your personalised travel specialist – A perfectly planned trip made just for you is priceless! A professional travel advisor is trained to make your entire experience hassle free, providing timely, insightful, professional guidance from start to end. Not only do we tailor the itinerary to suit your needs, we guide you to the right restaurant, museum, or off-the-beaten-track excursion – that’s perfect for you.

Support local business – Even when booking a domestic trip, your money can often end up with overseas big business. Widely used travel booking platforms such as Expedia, Wotif and Hotels.com are USA-owned, meaning a cut of your travel budget ends up overseas. When working with a locally-owned travel advisory, you can be confident your money is supporting local business and local jobs.

Reach out to start planning your post-pandemic travels on enquiries@jigsawtravel.com.au

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